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NFL 2018 Draft

The first NFL Draft in Texas featured an abundance of surprises, which, in a way, was not surprising at all. An NFL Draft would only be surprising if there were zero surprises, right? Anyway – a half-dozen teams made big moves and bold plays in an all-out attempt to put themselves in position to make a run into the Playoffs. Perhaps this year… but definitely within the next few.

The highly-anticipated event began with the Cleveland Browns selecting Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield #1 overall. Some so-called “experts” doubted Mayfield based upon the fact that he is shorter than a typical NFL quarterback, as well as the fact that he had a few snapshots of behavior outside the spectrum of what is accepted and expected of a top-ranked QB prospect. But he just might have the right combination of ingredients to put the long-disappointing Browns into contention soon. Whatever the case may be, it will be entertaining.

The New York Giants selected running back Saquon Barkley out of Penn State with the #2 overall pick. Over the course of the last two seasons, Barkley has treated gridirons throughout the Big Ten and beyond as his personal canvas of expression. When given proper blocking by the O-line, he has launched like a rocket into the end zone from an array of different long distances.

The 2018 NFL Draft was indeed a quarterback-oriented affair. Sam Darnold was selected #3 overall by the New York Jets, who hope to transplant the Southern California shot caller into an offense that has long been in dire need of a true passer. If Darnold can live up to his sky-high potential, he will be able to be the next Joe Namath. Everyone should pump the brakes on that lofty comparison as of now, but hopeful fans recognize that there is a glimmer of realistic hope.

The Buffalo Bills selected Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen with the seventh overall pick in the draft. Allen demonstrated his skills during a bowl game just a handful of months ago, slinging the ball all over the field with ease while also showing the ability to run for 10 yards when the defense became deep and soft. He is going into Buffalo with the expectations of being the next big thing in a city and a franchise anxious for the next big thing at quarterback.

2018 NFL Draft Results

The Arizona Cardinals selected UCLA pigskin slinger Josh Rosen with the 10th overall pick. Rosen quickly took to the microphone afterwards to say that every pick made before him was a “mistake.” That could end up putting a target on the back of the somewhat slender man who was injured for the majority of his senior year and decided to sit out the UCLA bowl game.


The rest of the draft was filled with interest and intrigue, including a variety of solid defensive players taken between the #11 and the #22 pick. All are anxious to become acquainted with their new teams and prove what they can do on a professional football field.