2019 ALCS Might Be Real 2019 World Series – Tickets On Sale Now

The American League Championship Series will unfold beginning October 12, and stretch as far as October 20 if all seven games are indeed necessary. It will feature the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros, two of the most popular and powerful teams in professional baseball. Needless to say, this is going to be a sizzling hot ticket, but fans can find an array of affordable ALCS Tickets here and now.

Yankees vs Astros

The long and demanding 162-game schedule came to a close over a week ago, and the Yankees and Astros put themselves in an excellent position to advance to the ALCS by having home-field advantage throughout the Divisional Round.

Both squads took advantage of two home games to start the best-of-5 series, and both put up some pretty impressive offensive statistics in the process. The Yankees have smashed records throughout the course of the year involving frequencies and quantities of home runs, and just about every bat in their lineup can pop one into the thin rare air above Yankee Stadium if they get the right pitch.

Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton are arguably the two most feared hitters in the game. They help stack the Yankee lineup, making it legitimately scary for opposing pitchers. Both are big strong guys with big swings that can put the ball over the fence anywhere between the two foul poles. Judge managed to smack 27 home runs in just 102 games this season.

Stanton played in just 18 games throughout the 2019 campaign, which resulted in just three home runs and 13 RBIs. Nonetheless, both are healthy at the right time and prepared to activate the launch sequence at any point in time. Also, it’s worth noting and very impressive that the Yankees managed to win 103 games while being without the services of their two primary hitters for the majority of the run.

Justin Verlander & Garrett Cole

The matchup that many baseball fans are salivating for is the many upcoming showdowns between these two epic sluggers and Houston hurlers Justin Verlander and Garrett Cole.

Both Verlander and Cole put on dominating performances in the Divisional Round against the Tampa Bay Rays. Verlander dominated Game 2 to the extent that the Tampa Bay Rays manager created a verb that properly punctuated his performance. “What can I say? We got Verlandered.” In 34 starts during the regular-season, Verlander went 21-6 with a 2.58 ERA. In 33 starts, Cole went 20-5 with a 2.50 ERA.

How two pitchers who are true aces of the AL face up against a Yankee lineup full of big bats is going to go a long way toward telling the story of this seven-game series. As a result of having won 107 games in the regular-season, the Houston Astros have home-field advantage throughout the ALCS.

Minute Maid Park

This means that when the ALCS begins on the evening of October 12, it will do so in Houston’s Minute Maid Park, in front of a sold-out-out audience anxiously anticipating every single pitch. The pace of play slows down a little bit in the postseason, and the pace of play in New York Yankees games is usually a bit longer than most teams, as opposing pitchers tediously tinker their way through threatening lineups.

Game 2 will also unfold in Houston on the following evening, Sunday, October 13. After the teams make the trip from the heart of Texas to the edge of the East Coast, three consecutive games will go down on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday inside of historic Yankee Stadium.

The modern version of the venue is truly a crown jewel for fans of the most successful franchise in sports history. Yankee fans who have passed the pinstripes down through generations will certainly be attending these games with their fathers and mothers, and others with their sons and daughters. The experience of seeing MLB Postseason action up close and personal is something that people do not soon forget.

American League Baseball Tickets

When the two best teams in the American League – and arguably all of Major League Baseball – square off, sparks are likely to fly. If the series makes it to six games, as many experts predict it will, the squads will head back to Houston on their luxury jet airliners for high-stakes games on the evening of Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20 inside of Minute Maid Park in Houston.

All baseball fans currently reading these words have an excellent opportunity before them to have a look at our large selection of affordable tickets before the masses do so in the days and hours leading up to each game. Affordable American League Championship Series Tickets are just a few clicks, swipes or taps away.