25 More Dates Added to KISS 2019 End of the Road Farewell Tour

KISS recently announced an additional 25 tour dates to their highly-anticipated “End of the Road” Farewell Tour. It gives fans in and around another 25 cities an opportunity to witness the legendary rock ‘n rollers the final time before they officially retire their cutting-edge personas and revolutionary breed of music. All fans can find KISS 2019 Tour Tickets now.

Rocky Beginnings

20 studio albums, eight live albums, 13 compilation albums, eight box set albums and 60 singles represents one of the greatest outputs in rock ‘n roll history. These are the numbers achieved by KISS since they were formed in the early 1970s. Interestingly, their first two albums were essentially Billboard flops. Their self-entitled debut released in early-1974 peaked at #87 on the rock ‘n roll charts, and a follow-up album later that year briefly peaked at #100, the final spot mentioned on the charts.

This was not a great start for the group aiming for big things, but they quickly began to deeply embrace the idea of creating surreal and over-the-top visual identities by way of artistic, contrasting face painting and very imaginative stage costumes. This immediately separated them from the pack, and the high-heels that they walked around on made them literally larger than life and bigger than any other band taking to the stage during the 70s.

End of the Road Tour

The label of true rock ‘n roll icon is not an easy one to attain, and the proverbial distinction is passed out to only a handful of musicians each year. By the 1980s, Gene Simmons and his bandmates had cemented their place in rock ‘n roll, which they held onto with an iron grip. KISS record sales continued to improve, although sales numbers never became their facet. What proved to be truly amazing and profitable was the performances that they were staging, which bordered on surreal, at times aggressively poking the proverbial fabric that separates reality and a further dimension.

The announcement that another 25 shows have been added to the “End of the Road Tour” is not exactly a huge surprise, but it is something that has been met with excitement for KISS fans throughout North America. Paul Stanley is now the official “front man” for the band, and he released a statement that went viral recently. “One thing for sure is that this is the last tour. The tour may go three years, but once we play your city, it’s done. That is our big thank you to (our fans).”

He went on to add that the band is not embarking on the tour on a breakneck pace, because they need ample time to prepare for the gigantic shows that they stage. Nonetheless, 15 of the newly-announced 25 shows are going to unfold throughout the month of August, which only has 31 days. This means that a show is going to go down just about every other night, and the fun begins at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida on the evening of August 6.

Tickets and Other Information

From there, the tour will weave through the South and up to the East Coast before they go back down again to the South in the final days of August and the initial days of September. The live run will conclude with a bold Western sweep, featuring shows at the Pepsi Center in Denver on September 12, the USANA Amphitheater in Salt Lake City on September 24 and a final performance in the Oracle Arena in Oakland – the current home of the Golden State Warriors and perhaps the loudest venue in all of indoor professional sports. All fans can secure surprisingly affordable 2019 KISS End of the Road Tour Tickets now.

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