Barbra Streisand 2019 Madison Square Garden Tickets Available Now

Barbra Streisand is a living legend who continues to share her amazing talents with fans. Her most recent announcement involves a huge concert at Madison Square Garden on the evening of August 3, which will represent the first time she has performed in well over a decade at the venue regarded as the most famous in the world. Simply put – the epicenter of entertainment in the heart of Manhattan will host one of the greatest performers ever in the peak of the 2019 summer. Tickets are available now to Barbra Streisand’s New York City August 3rd Concert at MSG.

Streisand History

The list of tours that Streisand has performed in last few decades is incredibly impressive. Her tour entitled Timeless spanned the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, and the name was a nod to the true timelessness and agelessness of the woman born on April 24 in New York City back in 1942.

With the looks of a magazine model, the voice of an angel and the on-stage presence of one of the most talented women in America, Streisand quickly ingrained herself into the American culture. Her reign of relevance has spanned a time in which America has transformed from a traditional and conservative nation to one that truly embraces talents of all kinds. When she first enrolled at Erasmus Hall High School in the late 50s, even she could not have dreamed of the places she would go.

The Streisand Tour unfolded in the years of 2006 and 2007, touching down in both sides of the Atlantic Avenue Ocean and generating nearly 120 million in box office dollars. Barbara Live was a smaller-scale version of the same tour that spanned 2012 and 2013. Barbara: The Music, the Mem’ries, the Magic took place in 2016 and 2017, reaching a total audience of nearly a quarter million and once again providing a platform for the ageless legend to work her craft to near perfection.

The Big Announcement

Now comes this announcement of a huge Madison Square Garden show — which just might be the launching point for a tour. The specifics are unclear as of now, but the starlet who released her initial studio album back in 1963 is clearly poised for big things as she goes into her late-70s full of vigor.

The amazing performer and master of the stage has over 30 platinum albums to her name, and she is the only artist to have an album reach #1 in six different decades. This is a feat that will never be accomplished again, as musicians and pop figures in US culture shift in and out quickly. In the Internet age, a star who was popular five years ago may be completely irrelevant now. This is the opposite of the incredibly impressive and accomplished path that Streisand has traveled since the early 1960s.

Madison Square

Madison Square Garden was opened in the heart of Manhattan in late-October 1964, right around the time that Streisand was rising to fame. It had former locations throughout New York City that dated back to the late 1800s, but the venue that was renovated at a cost of over 300 million in 1991 was initially built at a cost of 123 million, which is nearly 900 million by today’s inflation standards. It continues to be one of the greatest entertainment and sporting indoor structures ever.

One of the coolest things about MSG is that it can be accessed in an array of ways. This includes everything from a handful of New York City Subway Stations to the bridges that connect the nearby boroughs and the state of New Jersey to the long, thin island.

Built to host the New York Knicks as well as hockey teams that have called New York City home, MSG has grown roots in NYC by hosting some of the greatest musicians of all time. Billy Joel has made the venue his unofficial home, as has Elton John. John Lennon performed his final show at Madison Square Garden in 1980 before he was tragically killed on the steps of his apartment on the edge of Central Park.

Finding Tickets

The musical and entertainment reign of the great Barbra Streisand has spanned all of these eras, and the August 3 performance at MSG will be special. It will likely feature fans who have been with the performer from the very beginning, as well as many who have realized and embraced her greatness in recent years. MSG has long been known as a gigantic theater venue, where the audience is dimly lit if at all, and the performers are lit with thousands of watts of light that help bring their shows to life. Anyone interested in securing Barbra Streisand Madison Square Garden 2019 Tickets can do so now for affordable prices.