Bert Kreischer – The Berty Boy Tour 2020

The Berty Boy Tour

Bert Kreischer Berty Boy Tour

Bert Kreischer has traveled a very unique path to the top of the comedy world, and The Berty Boy Tour starring the unapologetic man who has never really evolved beyond the frat boy mentality will unfold throughout the final days of January and the early-summer of 2020. For all fans interested in purchasing Bert Kreischer Tickets for any of the many shows, here is the perfect place, and now is the perfect time.

I Am The Machine

“I am “The Machine”. I’m also a father of two with high blood pressure.” This joke was told on stage in a small venue after Kreischer had already taken his shirt off, and was noticeably sweating around the neck. When speaking of his younger child, he said, “She’s one of those kids. A f***ing mess. If it wasn’t my kid I would call her stupid. But she’s mine.” The laughs continued. The shirt was never seen again. 

The spark for a possible career in entertainment began for Bert Kreischer back in the late 90s, when he was a sixth-year “Senior” at Florida State University. Rolling Stone magazine came to town to do a piece on the #1 party school in the nation. This ranking has since been eclipsed by West Coast state colleges, but that is another discussion. Upon conclusion of their several-day romp in Tallahassee, the writer and editors at the popular magazine decided to anoint Bert Kreischer as the singular top partier at the biggest party school in North America.

This was obviously a title and a distinction that came with some immediate recognition, which Bert Kreischer parlayed into a small yet burgeoning career as a comedian and performer.

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Many other students who attended FSU during that time (when the football team did big things under the leadership of the legendary Bobby Bowden) got a clear glimpse into the comedy approach of Kreischer, which often included him shedding his clothes as soon as the effects of the alcohol he drank entered his bloodstream. What would unfold after that as a truly talented young comedian was roaming the streets of the Florida panhandle semi-naked has been fodder for all types of stories that comprise his set list.

Bert The Conqueror

He is a man approaching 50 years old who has a free pass to relive his early-20s several hundred times per year, both literally and figuratively. He takes the stage aiming to put an arrow in the heart of fans who can relate to getting straight up bonkers back in the day. But he also extends the concept into the modern era, as a father and husband who is most interested in getting loose when possible while making poignant observations about parenting when applicable.

Kreischer has also been the star of a few podcasts and cable shows since he sprang onto the scene around the time that the Internet was taking hold and the digital age was truly impacting every type of entertainment. To be noticed by the great Will Smith just a few months after moving to Los Angeles obviously had a huge impact on Bert Kreischer’s career, and he has rolled with the initial bounce.

Here we are approximately 2 decades after the initial introduction of Bert Kreischer to the nation via a very popular magazine. He currently stands on the threshold of a gigantic tour that can potentially place him among the 20 biggest names in comedy in North America in the year 2020. And he might not even have to take his clothes off to do so. Oh, wait a minute – that is super likely to happen if he seizes opportunities to take his clothes off throughout this highly-anticipated run.

The fun begins at the Flynn Center for Performing Arts on the evening of January 30. From there, the theme of iconic venues that aren’t exactly the biggest in big cities continues. The Bert Kreischer 2020 Tour will continue from here, touching down in Rochester, New York at the Broadway Theater on the final day of January before a performance on the first day of February at the Mead Theater in Dayton, Ohio.

The San Jose Center for the Performing Arts will host the modern, progressive comedian on the evening of February 6, before Sacramento’s Memorial Auditorium will play host to The Berty Boy Tour on the following evening inside of a truly historic building. The capital of California’s longest standing entertainment venue has also hosted everyone from Jimi Hendrix to The Eagles.

The tour jumps around from Bakersfield, California to Indianapolis, Indiana to Louisville, Kentucky and Medford, Massachusetts in the final days of February. 2020 is a leap year, which means that the comedian will be able to perform on February 29 at the Fox Theater in Mashantucket, Connecticut.

March and April shows will also weave throughout the nation, touching down everywhere from Green Bay, Wisconsin on April 4 to Nashville, Tennessee on April 18 and Austin, Texas on April 25.

Bert Kreischer Tour

The month of May will feature shows from Orlando and Hollywood, Florida to Fargo, North Dakota and Winnipeg, Canada at the Berton Cummings Theater on the evening of May 9. The tour finale might be a performance on May 17 in Charlotte after a performance on May 16 at The Bell Auditorium in Augusta Georgia. But there is also a performance scheduled for the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the evening of Thursday, June 18. All of these dates are stamped into proverbial stone as of now, and anyone reading these words can seize the opportunity to purchase surprisingly 2020 Bert Kreischer affordable tickets now.