Billy Joel to Rock Miller Park on April 26, 2019

Billy Joel will play a 2019 tour in a handful of North American cities, and his lone Midwestern stop will take place in Miller Park in Milwaukee on the evening of April 26. Joel is an international global superstar who can play wherever he wants whenever he wants, and the first ever performance staged at this incredible outdoor baseball-based venue has locals and folks within a reasonable drive very excited. Billy Joel 2019 Miller Park tickets are available to the general public now on a first-come, first-served basis.

Online articles and press releases are already touching upon the fact that an Ed Sheeran concert just a few months ago was an absolute traffic catastrophe, as fans waited in their cars in gridlock circumstances for places to park as the show began in a less than full stadium. But the chief operating officer for the Milwaukee Brewers recently promised an esteemed local news source that it was essentially a learning experience, and the schematics have been put in place for things to flow much more smoothly this time around. All attendees would hope so, as no one would want to miss any of the action during Billy Joel concerts, which date back to the 1970s.

Billy Joel

The Brooklyn-born future superstar initially sprang onto the scene with his release of Cold Spring Harbor in 1971. Piano Man came in 1973, and it gave Joel a clear identity as an emotional and sensitive tickler of the ivory as well as a powerful and passionate rock ‘n roll singer. He began to utilize the combination while churning out albums at a rate of about one every 20 months throughout the 80s.

He released 52nd Street in 1978, which truly put him on the map in houses throughout North America. In an era of vinyl records whose popularity could be noticed by worn out the edges and sides of the owner’s album, Billy Joel’s were usually pretty well used.

Live in Concert

It is no secret that part of attending a Billy Joel concert is reliving the incredible magic of the 1970s and 80s. In a time before the Internet, people couldn’t reach out to each other as quickly. That’s what made Billy Joel’s trip to communist Russia in 1987 truly incredible. A metamorphosis of audience participation occurred over the course of a six-show run. During the first show, fans were unsure how to act, and entirely hesitant of vocally or otherwise openly supporting the artist in any way. By the sixth show, additional security was needed to prevent the fans in the front rows from grabbing and hanging onto the revolutionary man who had shifted viewpoints from cold and hesitant to warm and positive throughout the course of a few weeks.

Also in that late 1980s, Billy Joel married Christie Brinkley, an incredibly gorgeous model who adorned posters on the walls of men of all ages. He was truly living a dream while on top of the charts and married to a true supermodel. Joel and Brinkley ended up calling it quits in August 1994, and he has gone on to marry his third and fourth wife in the years since. Throughout the often choppy rivers of fame, fortune and amazing creative accomplishment, love rarely runs smooth. But his tours run smooth from start to finish, and he has an incredible library of hits to choose from when comprising each set list.

Miller Park

No one can be sure exactly what he is going to have for Milwaukee fans when he takes the stage at Miller Park, but his most famous half-dozen or so chart-toppers are sure to be performed in full extravagance. Miller Park was opened to the public on April 6 of 2001. This was after a full five years of construction that hit some roadblocks and snags on its way to what was at the time the most gorgeous outdoor venue in all of Major League Baseball. Even as recent as 18 years ago, a venue like this could be built at a total of $400 million.

There were many features incorporated with the ballpark, including a slide that the wildly popular mascot embarked upon after each time a Milwaukee Brewer hit a home run. Country legend George Strait kicked off the first ever concert back in 2001. It was a wild success featuring an array of headlining acts that could sell out venues on their own. For whatever reason, Miller Park only staged a handful of shows for the next 10 years. Two shows were staged in 2018, starring country music legend Kenny Chesney and British alternative rock superstar Ed Sheeran. The upcoming Billy Joel concert in late-April is the only one currently on the schedule for Miller Park in 2019. All fans interested in securing Billy Joel Miller Park Tickets can easily do so now.