Cardi B Initial 2019 Tour Dates Announced – Exclusive Tickets Available Now

Cardi B recently announced the first half-dozen tour dates of what is sure to be a sizable 2019 concert run. States in mid-America will be the first to be visited by the versatile and beautiful starlet that is among the current trend-setters in the music world. All fans interested in attending shows in Oklahoma, Kansas Nebraska, Minnesota, Indiana and Virginia can easily access a large selection of affordable Cardi B Tickets now.

Tour Announcement

The beginning of Cardi B’s career was just a handful of years ago, when she sprang onto the scene on a cable reality show. At this point in time, several hundreds if not 1,000 or so young people have done realty tv time with the intentions of striking it big in the entertainment industry. But it takes true talent in order to stick in a business that is as unforgiving as it is fast-paced. Cardi B gained a fan base quickly, and she’s established that she is here to stay.

The specifics of the tour are going to be filled in over time. What is clear now is that the fun will begin at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the evening of July 23. The marvelous venue utilized capable designers and architects to build the oval-shaped structure with a gigantic glass façade. It was officially opened to the public in late-August 2008, and it has since been home to a few local semi-pro sports teams and hosted an array of concerts featuring everyone from Garth Brooks to Janet Jackson and Billy Joel to Lady Gaga. When Cardi B works her craft on the stage, it will certainly go down in history as one of the most memorable performances.

A July 24 show will take place at Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas. A July 26 performance will follow at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska before a July 27 concert at the Target Center in Minneapolis on the following evening. All three of these venues are huge indoor spots that have become accustomed to hosting large shows in recent years. Cardi B rise to international fame has happened quickly. Ticket sales to upcoming shows are also going to happen quickly, which is why all fans reading these words would be wise to take advantage of our large selection of affordable Cardi B 2019 Tour Tickets now.

The last two shows of the first announced run of performances will go down on July 30 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis and July 31 at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia. Situated on the campus of the University of Virginia, John Paul Jones Arena was opened to the public on the first day of August in 2006. It has provided an incredible home-field advantage for the University of Virginia Basketballs squads, as well as an amazing canvas on which several musicians and groups have performed to sold-out-out audiences over the course of the last decade-plus.

Taking on the Music Industry

Cardi B has many official distinctions. Rapper, singer, songwriter and television personality are among them. She was born in October 1992 in The Bronx, and was largely raised by her grandmother. Circumstances led her to join a gang in her mid-teenage years, but her talents led her to gain entrance into a musical theater and technology vocational high school, which led her in a direction different than some sad stories told on the streets of New York. One good thing is led to another for the then star-struck youngster and now 26-year-old.

It is a “don’t let the good looks fool you” type of situation when she grabs the microphone and takes to rapping in front of audiences or in a studio. Cardi B is a bold and undeniably confident and proud entertainer, and her fan base continues to grow with each passing day. She has branched out into a full array of business opportunities outside of music in recent years, including a line of lipstick and a foray into the fashion industry. Her popularity has led many fans to inquire about her political stances, and she has voiced her support for great politicians from the past in interviews. Bernie Sanders recently announced that he will run for president in 2020, and he had nothing but good things to say about Cardi B when he was making a run back in 2016.

Tickets and Dates

The star who will turn 27 later this year is currently standing on the doorstep of a tour that is already getting a lot of attention. As she continues to announce tour dates, more tickets will become available. Everyone interested in attending one or more of the half-dozen shows that have currently been confirmed would be wise to check out our large selection of surprisingly affordable Cardi B Tickets now.