Cardi B Las Vegas Residency Announced: Tickets Available Now

Las Vegas residencies date back to the great Frank Sinatra and the days of the Rat Pack, and they have become even more popular and common in the modern era. This is largely a result of the huge push by The Palms Casino Resort to schedule the biggest entertainers in the music industry for extended periods of time. Cardi B is the latest to officially ink a deal that will see her perform in a brand-new and completely extravagant day club/nightclub opening soon. All fans interested in purchasing Cardi B Palms Casino 2019 Tickets can do so now.

Cardi B starred in one of the biggest ads in the 2019 Super Bowl, and she is going to star in one of the biggest Las Vegas residencies ever beginning this spring. The proud former stripper who has a multitude of top-flight talents was born in The Bronx in New York City in October 1992. Her father is of Dominican descent, and her mother is from Trinidad. The Caribbean mixture created a performer and a vibrant soul, who was a former gang member that developed her iconic moniker thanks largely to the fact that her first name sounded a lot like the rum Bacardi.

Cardi’s Big Break

Cardi got her big break in 2015, when VH1 cast her in their hip-hop-based reality show situated in New York City. She quickly became one of most popular and recognizable personalities on the popular show, and she ended up using it as a springboard to a music career that officially began just over two years ago. During this relatively short span, Cardi B has become super Internet-famous, a primary focus of every pop gossip site in America, and now, a performer who holds down a Las Vegas residency. Such a distinction brings a complete level of legitimacy to an artist who is clearly talented, confident and capable enough to pull off something few could ever dream of.

She has famously feuded with Nicki Manaj, and has treated appearances on big-time hip-hop awards as platforms to demonstrate how real and genuine she is as an artist and a person. Her first album was released last year, entitled Invasion of Privacy, and featuring hip-hop, R&B and Latin styles in songs that delved into the reality of being a reality star and other modern-day concepts and issues.

Palms Casino Residency

The last few years have featured a marriage to rapper Offset, a baby, a divorce, and a possible reconciliation. All of this has certainly made Cardi B’s life a bit more busy and complicated, but all of this is also fuel for her to express herself creatively and release emotions every time she takes to the stage during this upcoming tour. In an interview last year, she expressed how much she was influenced by being around Offset and the Migos as they toured and composed their music. The early-20-something stated that everybody sees the money and the jewelry and thinks it comes easy, but the truth is being a successful musician takes true hard work and dedication. She has since become fully committed.

The Palms Casino recently poured approximately $700 million into renovating and re-creating the vibe inside of a brand-new and gigantic amphitheater/club entitled KAOS. News broke months ago that the building slated to open in April will feature an incredibly state-of-the-art DJ booth that rotates 360°, making the DJs and their skills in live performances visible to everyone inside of the building.

Other big names have signed 2019 residencies at Palms Casino Resort, including Skrillex, G-EASY, and Above and Beyond. 700 million dollars is certain to buy a lot of fancy and shiny things, and Las Vegas residents and folks who frequent the city on vacation are already circling upcoming dates on the calendar. The Palms Casino Resort sprang up quickly in the first few years of the 21st century. The Maloof family took advantage of a great opportunity to purchase prime property noticeably to the North of the Las Vegas Strip. This has given the venue a separate identity from the hustle and bustle of the main thoroughfare, and a slightly more exclusive feel as it continues to do the things necessary to keep itself on the cutting edge of the city that never sleeps.

Get Your Tickets Today!

The Palms has over 700 rooms, and two well-known restaurants. Las Vegas visitors certainly don’t have to have a room at the venue in order to experience one or more of the Cardi B shows in her upcoming residency, but being able to take in a show and not worry about a commute is something some Las Vegas regulars prefer. Others want to traipse the landscape and see as many things as possible. Whatever your pleasure, surprisingly affordable 2019 Las Vegas Cardi B Tickets are available now.