Clemson and Alabama Matchup Looms Following Dominating Tigers Performance

The Clemson Tigers go into the College Football Playoff Championship Game as a 14-0 squad. This includes a mark of 8-0 in the ACC Conference, and a thorough beat down of the #3-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the opening round. All fans interested in securing tickets for the 2019 College Football Championship featuring Clemson and Alabama can easily do so now.

Clemson Tigers at Notre Dame

The Cotton Bowl pitted the Notre Dame Fighting Irish against the Clemson Tigers. Las Vegas oddsmakers had put the number at 14 initially, but it lowered all the way down to 10 in the aftermath of the suspension of a very talented defensive lineman from Clemson. The outcome spurned expert predictions and hundreds of betting sharks, as the Tigers rolled over the Irish by a score of 30-3. The game was tied at 3 after the first quarter, but Clemson put 20 on the board in the second quarter and seven on the board in the third quarter. Those were all of the points scored in the final three frames of the showdown that was short on show and long on down as it pertains to Notre Dame fulfilling expectations.

As coaches, players and fans continue to rally for a postseason tournament that includes eight teams or as many as 16 teams, Clemson and Alabama continue to demonstrate this is essentially a two-team competition. FBS stands for Football Bowl Subdivision, meaning that every team that competes within one of these divisions is eligible for a bowl game. But the argument for actually lessening the number of Bowl games has become very compelling based on the pathetic performance that a handful of teams have put forth.

Fighting the Irish

The Fighting Irish don’t have anything to hang their heads about, but scoring three points in a tournament designed to showcase the best four teams in college football is obviously disappointing. Clemson has the #4-ranked offense and the #2-ranked defense in all of college football this year. These numbers are only achieved by way of impressive coaching and equally impressive players who can carry out the plan.

Deshaun Watson is perhaps the most famous Clemson football player of all time, and he was selected #1-overall in the 2017 NFL Draft. He has already done big things for the Houston Texans, including putting them in a position to make major noise in the AFC Playoffs.

2019 College Football Championship

There are plenty of reasons to believe that the Clemson Tigers will be able to not only matchup with the Alabama Crimson Tide, but also emerge victorious for the second time in the modern-day history of the College Football Playoff. Alabama mostly dominated Oklahoma and threatened to truly embarrass them before they lost their footing and were outscored 34-17 over the course of the final 40 minutes of the game.

Clemson will obviously study the tape closely, with a keen eye for noticing and possibly replicating where teams have been able to take advantage of the Crimson Tide defense. An array of affordable 2019 College Football Championship Tickets are available to the general public now.