Cold War Kids Announce 2019 Midwest and West Coast Tour

Cold War Kids have announced an abundance of Midwest and West Coast tour dates that will unfold in October and November. The group initially formed in Southern California is going to do big things throughout the Western half of the nation in the final months of this year, and an array of affordable Cold War Kids Tickets are available to the general public now.

“First you lose trust, then you get worried.” Truer words have never been spoken by the band who has dared to address real life issues involving relationships and personal expectations in modern-day America. They have authored a wide range of songs that truly resonate with the modern-day human experience, which always equates to an awesome live show.

Making of a Band

The group was initially formed in 2004 in Long Beach, California – an epicenter of modern-day fun and entertainment over the last 30 years. Snoop Dogg initially put Long Beach on the map back in the early-90s, and groups such as the Cold War Kids have continued to do so. The strip of land along the edge of civilization and the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean has produced far more than its fair share of talent.

Nathan Willett, Matt Maust, David Quan and Matthew Schwartz have also combined with Joe Plumber and many others to create their unique and addictive sound that has been categorized as indie rock, blues rock and blues-soul over the course of the last 15 years.

Back before touring was absolutely essential to make money in the modern era for musicians, Cold War Kids embarked upon the record producing process with glee. They were on the road throughout 2008 and 2009, where they first cut their teeth on strange stages and got comfortable in front of sizable audiences.

Getting Started

Their first album entitled Robbers & Cowards was released in early-October of 2006. The second album did much better on the Billboard Charts, and Loyalty to Loyalty peaked as high as #6 on the US Alternative Charts and #7 on the US Rock Charts. Recent albums have seen the band relevant and registered in the top-10 of the US Alternative Charts three of the last four times. CWK will have a bit of an exploration process in front of them when deciding which songs they are going to play throughout what should be a highly entertaining set.

In previous interviews and other types of media, the band has referenced Bob Dylan, Billy Holiday, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, The Smiths, U2, and Fiona Apple as influences. They are a modern-day band who fully embraces the concept of making everyone who listens to their music happy and inspired. Their upcoming album is highly anticipated. Two singles from the collection of songs that are sure to startle spectacular feelings within fans have been released. They are entitled “Complainer,” and “4th of July.”

2019 North American Tour

The tour is scheduled to begin in Louisville, Kentucky on the evening of July 12 with a headlining performance at a local music Festival. The group will take a sizable break before playing in West Linn, Oregon at the Polo Noir Club on the 27th of the month.

Early-August shows will go down in their hometown of Long Beach during the 98.7 Summer Camp Show. After that, Cold War Kids will make their way to Waynesville, Ohio for a show at the Bellwether Festival on August 9. The Festival tour concludes in Glen Ellen, California at the Sonoma Harvest Music Festival on September 22.

Then comes a stacked schedule in October and November. Cold War Kids will play amazing venues throughout the middle of America beginning October 4 in Salt Lake City at The Depot. Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater will be home to the popular group on the following evening, before they play The Jones Assembly in Oklahoma City on October 8.

From there, the great state of Texas will host four huge shows. They will unfold in Dallas at The Rustic on October 9, Houston at The Rustic on the following night, and San Antonio’s version of The Rustic on the 11th. The tour will make its way to El Paso the following evening before playing in Santa Fe, New Mexico on October 14 to round out a month that truly traipses through the heart of America.

CWK Tickets

The month of November will unfold out West. This will begin with a show in Phoenix on November 14, before shows in San Diego, Anaheim and San Luis Obispo on the following evenings. The Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California just might be the toughest ticket on this tour, so everyone in or around the capital city in the greatest state would be wise to purchase Cold War Kids 2019 Tickets now. The fun is scheduled to conclude with a performance in Santa Cruz at The Catalyst on November 22.