Eminem Announces Huge 2019 Hawaii Show in Aloha Stadium

Word is quickly making its way through the rap community and the island communities of Hawaii that living rap legend Eminem will play a Friday, February 15 show at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu. The specifics have yet to be revealed other than the fact that it will be a “a very special show” starring the lyrical genius who has been on the top of the rap world going on almost 20 years. The biggest names in the music business sometimes overlook the Hawaiian Islands when they put together a North American tour, so shows like this tend to get very big and very popular very quickly. Surprisingly affordable Eminem 2019 Aloha Stadium Hawaii Tickets are available to the general public now.

Detroit Born and Raised

Born in Clinton Township, Michigan in late 1972, Eminem was raised near the iconic 8 Mile strip of road in Detroit. Although there are some conflicting accounts as to how long he lived in a trailer park, the character he played in the movie 8 Mile was a very accurate portrayal of his upbringing. Raised by his mother who at times battled her own demons, young Eminem always seemed to possess the talents and the burning desire to get himself out of that environment and ultimately live out his dreams.

Even he could not have possibly dreamed how his rap career would almost immediately catch on, and within a few years of the release of his first record, he would be among the most popular and recognized rappers in the world. It is no secret that the rap genre was almost exclusively African-American until Eminem came along. He has not only stamped his name and etched his imprint; he has also helped other rappers from various backgrounds be bold enough to attempt to make a living in the highly competitive industry.

Studio Albums

After his first two studio albums he got hooked up with Dr. Dre, a partnership that would be at the forefront of many songs that followed. He achieved astronomical sales totals in the early years of the 21st century, before music sales almost fully shifted from record stores to the Internet.

Both The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show have gained certified diamond status in the United States, which is essentially the equivalent of an album going Platinum 10 or more times. 2002’s The Eminem Show was propelled to the top of the global charts by the insanely-popular and hard-hitting single Lose Yourself, which was also featured in the aforementioned movie and included many lyrics that directly illustrated the story of young Eminem’s rise to fame.

Now well into his 40s, Eminem continues to be an incredibly powerful live performer who goes to great lengths to leave his fans with memories, moments and photo opportunities throughout the course of sizable sets. There is no sign of him slowing down anytime soon, although the idea of a 50 or 60-something fast-paced, precision-based rapper is a little funny upon first thought.

Tickets & Info

Aloha Stadium is a massive venue originally designed and built to host the University of Hawaii Warriors football team. The squad has had some great seasons featuring some high-flying passing attacks, and the people behind-the-scenes have begun to lure some big names of the entertainment industry to the large Emerald field and Stadium that seats approximately 50,000 in its massive two levels of seating that encircle the field. The exact layout for this show is not clear as of now, but a large portion of the gigantic 120-yard field will likely be utilized for ground seating and standing. Get your Eminem 2019 Hawaii Tickets now.