Garth Brooks Announces July 20 Boise, Idaho Stadium Show – Tickets Available Now

The Garth Brooks 2019 Stadium Tour is already underway, and the news that he will play a huge show on the brand-new turf at Albertsons Stadium on July 20 is making its way through the country music community quickly. Brooks and his wife Tricia Yearwood went on a massive global tour between 2014 and 2017, setting all sorts of performance and sales records in the process. The living country music legend is on the road once again, performing a short series of exclusive shows in many mid-sized cities. Boise, Idaho will be alive in late-July when the Tulsa-born superstar takes to the stage, and an array of Garth Brooks 2019 Boise tickets are currently available to the general public now.

Touring and Upcoming Album

The aforementioned tour co-starring Yearwood was nothing short of amazing. Brooks and his wife kept adding Legs to the Tour, and often performed two shows in one night. It was the ultimate confirmation that the country creative genius who sprang onto the scene all the way back in the early-90s can still lay it down like anyone else in music.

In an era where touring is essential for artists to truly make profits and continue to get their name and brand out to the masses, Garth Brooks continues to master the craft. During his early days of touring, the man often adorned in Levi’s, a black shirt and a black cowboy hat was willing to do some amazing things to entertain his fans. This included physical feats ranging from swinging on ropes above his audience after nailing a jump like a gymnast to emerging after a frenzy of pyrotechnics.

Brooks officially retired from the music business in 2014, although he has continued to make albums and stage tours. Bottom line is he can obviously do whatever he wants, and he still has the popularity and talent to crank out #1 hits, as both Man Against Machine released in November 2014 and Christmas Together (with Tricia Yearwood) reached the top of the US Country Charts.

His upcoming album entitled Fun is going to drop in just a few weeks, which will allow him to play a handful of songs that fans have not heard during this upcoming Idaho show, if he so chooses. New stuff can be an interesting play for living legends, as many fans who purchase Garth Brooks 2019 Idaho tickets will be showing up expecting to hear the biggest and most recognizable hits. Although Brooks is more of a Cowboy than a Genie, there is a very, very good chance that the fan’s wishes will be granted.

Albertsons Stadium

When it comes to Stadium-sized shows, Brooks typically plays to about two or three times as many fans as he does inside of the most popular arenas and amphitheaters throughout the nation. Formerly known as Bronco Stadium, Albertsons Stadium is situated at 1400 Bronco Lane in Boise, and it has been an epicenter of fun for fans in Oregon, Wyoming and the northern parts of California and Nevada.

Its iconic blue turf has become known by college football fans as the Boise State Broncos rose to prominence throughout the last 25 years. There was an amazing bowl game about a decade ago in which the Broncos made a historic comeback, a running back successfully proposed marriage to his cheerleader girlfriend, and stories were forever etched into the memories of BSU fans.

Now comes the chance for Garth Brooks fans to purchase tickets and possibly live out the same type of emotional and memorable experience. Fans in St. Louis, Glendale, Gainesville and Minneapolis have already done so on a run that began in early-March. The Boise show inside Albertsons Stadium will go down on July 20, which gives the venue plenty of time to perfect any possible imperfections involved with the implementation of a brand-new turf. It is going to have the same signature colors, but be comprised of materials and surfacing that is on the cutting edge of technology and modern sports innovation.

Garth Brooks Tickets

Brooks traveling band for 2019 consists of Robert Bailey, Bruce Bouton, Steve Cox, Ty England and an array of other backup guitarists and vocalists who are very skilled and well prepared to project their energy, instruments and voices into large atmospheres. This show will unfold as day turns to night, which is a truly wonderful experience to share with a legendary performer.

Being in the same Stadium as Brooks is a special experience for many fans. When he performs while day turns to night in a place that the vast majority of fans in attendance call home, the connection is deepened. During previous shows, Brooks has chosen over 20 songs to perform live for fans, and he has always been known for putting on an Encore if the crowd shows their appreciation. Garth Brooks Boise Tickets are available now.