Jonas Brothers 2019 Tour Dates Confirmed: Tickets Available Now

The reuniting of the Jonas Brothers almost a full decade after they took a hiatus has quickly turned into a gigantic North American run, and exclusive tickets to the Happiness Begins Tour 2019 are available now to all music fans.


The news of the band reuniting in the early days of this year not only spawned a lot of happiness and anticipation among fans, it has also put into motion Happiness Begins, an album that is obviously aimed at bringing bliss and satisfaction to all fans who download or purchase it as well as those who attend tour dates that will begin on August 7. It is currently scheduled to drop on June 7. When it does, it will be the first release of the talented trio since mid-June 2009, a full decade (minus a week or so).

It is no secret that staging live tour dates is by far the most secure way to generate money and profits for musicians in the modern era. As the epic year 2020 approaches, things have made a full shift from albums and singles to people willing to pay decent money to see actual performers perform actual songs live. In an era where YouTube, Instagram and other Internet outlets allow fans to be seen in a two-dimensional level, there is still nothing quite as special as seeing and hearing performers work their craft in real life.

Making it Big During the Digital Movement

There are a lot of reasons to like the trio out of New Jersey. One of the fact that they donate 10% of all of their music earnings to charities, mainly the American Diabetes Foundation and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Nick Jonas was actually diagnosed with diabetes a young age, and he has dealt with it incredibly ever since.

The group used the blueprint of a handful of talented brothers that had been utilized several times before, dating back to the Jackson 5. But they brought a whole new style and energy to pop music during the first decade of the 21st century, as music itself quickly evolved as a result of digital and electronical advancements.

Each of the three Jonas Brothers have a distinctively different look, so it is not a “triplets” situation. They are all incredibly talented in a musical sense, and each have their own specialties. That is what made them such a powerful and attractive group after they signed with Columbia Records quickly following an executive hearing a sample of their music. The handling of the initial release of their album entitled It’s About Time in mid-2006 fell under some scrutiny, because there were only a few tens of thousands of copies initially printed. When the demand quickly exceeded the supply, there was a scramble to release albums quickly enough to fit the public’s need.

Breaking Top 10

As a result, their first studio album sold under 200,000 copies, and barely made its way into the Top 100 on the US Billboard Charts. For a boy band in 2006 to have an initial studio release that peaked at #91 would largely be a cause for concern, and often an indication that people involved might want to go in a new direction. But they released their second studio album just 364 days later under the label of Hollywood, and it broke the Top 10 Billboard Charts in six different major nations throughout the globe, peaking at #5 on the coveted US Billboard Charts and selling over 2.5 million albums as of press time.Title

This was a self-entitled album, which many bands and artists choose to do with their initial release. In many ways, this was the first release that allowed them to soar as high as they possibly could in terms of recognition and popularity.

Their third studio album, entitled A Little Bit Longer, dropped in early-August once again, representing the third year in a row that Jonas Brothers released a studio album in the month of August. It reached #1 overall on the US Billboard Charts, as well as #1 on the Canadian Billboard Charts. It was once again released under the label of Hollywood, and has sold over 2 million copies as of press time.


By the time the band released their fourth studio album in the summer of 2009, the shift from purchasing CDs and albums in stores to purchasing music online had crossed its official tipping point. A total of a half-million online sales within the first few months ultimately resulted in the release registering at #1 in the United States, #1 in Canada, and #1 in Spain.

Then came the break. All three of the brothers parted and put a kibosh on the band on totally amicable circumstances, and they went in different directions. Nick took to direction behind the scenes by major players in the NYC theatre scene, and starred or co-starred in a number of Broadway plays in the years following the split of JB. Joe became a judge for a short time on the longtime hit show American Idol. Kevin became well-rehearsed with the production of music behind-the-scenes. All are now bringing newfound levels of experience and appreciation into the upcoming tour.

Reunited and Touring

Here are the specifics of the gigantic tour in less than 200 words. It will begin in Miami on August 7, and hang out in the South before weaving up the East Coast throughout the rest of the month for huge shows in Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto and New York City’s Madison Square Garden on August 29.

The month of September will feature an abundance of shows in major cities in the mid-third of the United States, highlighted by concerts in Nashville, Indianapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas and Houston. The October portion of the run will conclude with a party out West, with over a dozen shows highlighted by performances in San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Las Vegas and a huge finally at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on October 20. All fans interested in securing 2019 Jonas Brothers Tickets can easily do so now.

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