Madonna Announces Highly Intimate 2019 Theater Tour in NYC, Chicago and LA

Living music legend Madonna sent thrills through her massive community of longtime fans with the announcement of her Madonna Madame X 2019 Tour. It will be her biggest tour in nearly 4 years, and the specifics of three of the five major cities that will be visited have been revealed. All fans interested in purchasing tickets to shows in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles as part of the Madonna 2019 Tour can do so now. Tickets are available to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis.

HUGE Beginnings

Born in Bay City, Michigan in mid-August 1958, Madonna grew up in a large family that lost their mother while she was still young. The future superstar who showed amazing musical skills at a young age had a slight sense of rebellion, but still did very well in school early on. Shifts to the family dynamic would soon come, and the woman born Madonna Louise Ciccone took to performing by the mid-70s as a highschooler in order to develop talents that could set her out from the crowd. A few years later, she decided to leave Ann Arbor after briefly attending Michigan to see what was going on in New York City. Indeed, the 20-year-old showed the confidence and zest of someone who was truly going to make it big in the biggest entertainment metropolis before she even made it there.

Madonna treated the 1980s as both her launching pad and her playground for demonstrating skills and drawing fans of all ages and backgrounds. Her self-entitled debut album was released in 1983 under the Warner Bros. label, and it did some good things, getting her name out there and breaking into the Top-10 in the United States, Australia and France. When she released Like a Virgin in early-November 1984, it was scooped up off record store shelves in the form of cassettes and albums about as quickly as they could be printed and minted.

The amazing physical allure of the woman possessing one of the most glamorous names on Earth was matched with vocal skills, dancing acumen and the boldness to do whatever she wanted to do on stage. Like a Virgin registered at the top of sales throughout all the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. It was a feat that had not been seen since the days of The Beatles.

Hit After Hit

Following albums entitled True Blue and Like a Prayer allowed Madonna to stretch her creative wings even further, and True Blue had the incredibly rare distinction of running the board at #1 on the Billboard Charts throughout the 10 biggest music-loving nations around the globe. Like a Prayer ran the board in the amazing same fashion, with the exception of Australia. All of this helped to make the Michigan-native one of the most important, popular and influential artists of the 20th century.

Madonna’s numbers and fame have grown in the few decades since. The fact that Confessions on a Dance Floor in 2005 and Hard Candy in 2008 both ran the board as #1-ranked albums in the 10 biggest music nations in the world. The woman who calls Lisbon, Portugal her permanent home is basically a resident of the world, as she is welcomed with open arms by a plethora of fans, continents and nations stretching around the globe.

The news that she is going to take temporary residence in the United States and perform an array of shows has millions of fans excited – and rightfully so.

Madame X Tickets

The run will begin on September 12 when Madonna performs her first of a scheduled seven shows at the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House in New York City. Six more shows will go down between September 14 and September 22 at the venue otherwise known as the Brooklyn Academy of Music, which is located at 30 Lafayette Avenue in Brooklyn. With a capacity of exactly 2,109, the truly historic venue built all the way back in 1908 blends many generations of the past with the present, and Madonna will light up this tiny venue by her gigantic presence. Madonna New York City tickets are incredibly popular.

Chicago Theater is also an amazing venue, and a total of four Madonna 2019 Tour shows will unfold between October 15 and October 21. The theatre was opened to the public on the shores of Lake Michigan in the heart of the Windy City back in 1921. The remainder of the most recent announcement involves five shows between November 12 and November 17 at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, originally opened in 1931. All Madonna fans hoping to get a jump on the action and secure surprisingly affordable tickets now would be wise to make their move as soon as possible.

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