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The beginning of the 2019 Major League Baseball Season is going to happen in late-March, giving the league a few extra days to space out a large schedule of games that will bring action to 30 fan bases throughout North America. The National League has plenty of teams ripe and ready for a run into October. Here is a breakdown of the West Division, arguably the most talented and capable heading into 2019 after it was arguably the least entertaining and talented about a decade ago. All fans interested in securing 2019 MLB Tickets can easily do so now.


The Los Angeles Dodgers actually won the World Series three of the first eight years after they moved from Brooklyn to Southern California. Suffice to say not many modern-day fans are aware of that amazing statistic. But modern-day fans have seen the squad reach the World Series in recent years, although they have yet to summit the jagged mountain of professional baseball. The 2017 Playoffs were truly amazing, and the Dodgers lost to the Houston Astros 4-3 in one of the most entertaining World Series ever. The 2018 version was not quite as entertaining, as the Dodgers lost to the Boston Red Sox 4-1.

A few changes have been made to the roster, but the Dodgers head into the 2019 season ready to rock ‘n roll with a handful of All-Stars and dominate the competition. There are four other teams that have something to say about this, and every one of them has the capability to make a run at the NL West crown.


The San Francisco Giants won the World Series in 2010, 2012 and 2014. The whole “Even Year” thing became a moot point in 2016 or 2018, but fans are hopeful that the squad full of veterans who have insane amounts of postseason experience will be able to put together at least 95 wins in the regular-season. Pitcher Madison Bumgarner recently posted on his social media accounts that he would leave the sport of baseball if Giants Manager Bruce Bochy began to utilize “openers.” These are pitchers who face the first batter or two before the starter comes into the game, which was experimented by handful of teams down the stretch run of the 2018 season.


The Arizona Diamondbacks are going to feel the loss of slugger Paul Goldschmidt. But they are still galvanized and ready for a run at the postseason, and fortified with a list of starting pitchers who will hand the ball over to the bullpen in the seventh or eighth inning if things go right. The Diamondbacks secured a Wild Card spot in the 2017 season, but fell short of the 2018 postseason after posting an 82-80 record.


The Colorado Rockies had to go into arbitration to retain the talents of Nolan Arenado, but he is expected to approach the season just like any other and will be ready to do damage to opposing pitchers in the division and the National League. This will be the 24th year that the Rockies have played their home games at Coors Field, a venue that has been modified over the years in an attempt to make it as regular as possible in terms of statistics.

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How MLB has approached making games in mile-high conditions normal is open to interpretation. That having been said, nine or 10 runs on an average day in Colorado is considered typical. The hundreds of thousands of local fans hope that the Rockies will score the majority of these while carving a steady path to the 2019 MLB Playoffs. All fans interested in securing 2019 MLB Tickets can easily do so now.