MLB Season Is Right Around the Corner – Week One Preview and Tickets Here

The Boston Red Sox finished the 2018 season with 108 wins, and went on to win the World Series 4-1 over the overmatched Los Angeles Dodgers. Red Sox manager Alex Cora has shown an incredible acumen to this point in time, making Boston the casino favorites to win the 2019 World Series heading into a year that is likely to be full of surprises. But there are a lot more stories to be told in the American League throughout the course of a long and grueling 162-game season. Are “opening” pitchers going to be used? That is a question after the approach was employed by a few coaches down the stretch in the final weeks of last year. All fans interested in purchasing 2019 MLB Tickets can quickly and easily do so now for surprisingly affordable prices.

Western Edge

The Oakland Athletics made major noise in 2018, although they lost an entry game to the New York Yankees. The A’s squad that plays on the edge of Western Civilization often lights up the Stadium with bombs and well-struck balls during night games that sometimes go as late as 11 o’clock Pacific, AKA 2 am Eastern. This means that the fans in the East Coast aren’t typically aware of the great things that go down on the West Coast. The Los Angeles Angels and the Seattle Mariners are also in the category of teams aiming to do big things on the Western edge.

East Division

The American League East Division is always insanely competitive, featuring the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, the Tampa Rays, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles. The group of five teams has long been dominated by New York and Boston, although Tampa and Toronto have made major runs and poked their heads above the dynamic duo a few times in the last years. Nonetheless, New York vs Boston remains one of the greatest rivalries in all of North American professional sports.

The Cleveland Indians won 91 games in 2018, which was good enough to win the American League Central, but actually put them behind the Red Sox, Yankees, Astros and Athletics in terms of overall victories. That essentially made them the fifth best team following a season in which they were on the verge of winning a World Series the year before. Nonetheless, the Indians are expected to once again summit the relatively low mountain that is the AL Central.


The Houston Astros continue to be a stacked squad with amazing pitchers and a roster fortified by quality hitters, the majority of which can go deep during any at-bat. Their 103 wins in the 2018 season was good enough for second-best. They rolled through the aforementioned Cleveland squad 3-0 in the Division Series before falling to Boston 4-1 in the American League Championship Series.

Tickets & Games

The American League is rich with teams who have done big things in prior years under longtime managers. The Los Angeles Angels come to mind, but longtime Manager Mike Scioscia opted to resign and hand the reins of the esteemed Angels franchise over to Brad Ausmus. In an era where teams can utilize a new manager, newly-arrived player or other big news as a rallying cry, things can change quickly. A squad that has dwindled in the doldrums of the American League in prior years is sure to shine in 2019. All fans interested in securing Major League Baseball Tickets to upcoming games throughout the US and Toronto featuring some of the greatest players in American sport can easily do so now.