NFL Opening Night Tickets On Sale Now

The Green Bay Packers will visit Chicago to take on the Bears on the evening of September 5 to begin the 2019 NFL Regular Season – which is one of the most highly anticipated in history. As many savvy fans know, the Thursday Opening Night matchup has been reserved for at least one team who appeared in the Super Bowl the previous year, but the times are changing. The Packers and the Bears will lay it down for at least 60 minutes three days in advance of the rest of the league getting their long and demanding 17-week campaigns underway. NFL Opening Night Tickets are available now.

Opening Day

Many professional football fans begin a countdown toward Opening Day of the NFL season sometime in May or June. Some begin their countdown in April or March. The most hardcore begin a day or two after the conclusion of a Super Bowl. The first game of the 2019 NFL Season will take place on Thursday, September 5 at Soldier Field.

In a departure from the aforementioned tradition, which had been in place for about 15 years, the NFL decided to match two teams that represent one of the greatest rivalries in the greatest sport on Earth. Few are putting objections. The 2019 NFL Season is expected to be a special one, as a handful of living legends are on their way out, and a handful of young names are aiming to someday fill their voids.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers finished 6-9-1 in 2018, which was truly disappointing to the large and passionate fan base that makes the franchise one of the most unique in the world. Six wins is absolutely unacceptable, and a 1-4-1 record in the NFC North is equally embarrassing and uncharacteristic. Even so, they managed to go 5-2-1 at home in front of their single-level crowd filled with longtime supporters and diehard Packers fans. Their 1-7 record on the road tied with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the second worst in the NFC. The fact that they were able to have a high percentage at home during an essentially miserable season is a testament to the connection the squad has with its hometown and its large legion of supportive fans.

The Packers franchise is famously owned by the city of Green Bay, and former quarterback Brett Favre and current shot caller Aaron Rodgers have famously owned their NFC division competition. Although they have different personalities, they do have gunslinger-type styles that overlap a bit, and Favre demonstrated the same type of comfortable confidence that Rodgers has demonstrated in the face of what appear to be longshot odds late into ballgames.

In fact, Rodgers ability to pull off the extraordinary perhaps created a false sense of hope throughout the Packer fan base, as a 55-yard Hail Mary being answered as time runs out isn’t necessarily going to happen every month, or even every year. He has clearly carved out a career that many Packers fans believe has eclipsed that of the great Favre.

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are a franchise that is just getting used to their new franchise quarterback, and all of his modern features and abilities. Indeed, Mitchell Trubisky was rightfully dubbed a potential franchise quarterback when he was picked with the second overall selection in the NFL draft just a few years ago. The addition of Kahlil Mack came as a bit of a surprise in the first few days of the 2018 regular-season, but the dominating linebacker out of the University of Buffalo via the Oakland Raiders has already made the squad far more formidable than fans could have forecasted just a year ago at this time.

The Bears finished 12-4, and actually would have tied for the best record in the NFC at 13-3 had they been able to hold onto a huge second-half lead they possessed over the Green Bay Packers on the initial version of Sunday Night Football in Week 1.

Week 1 & Tickets

The NFL realized that was one of the most watched, anticipated and ultimately monumental games in the early part of the season, and they have simply moved the matchup to Thursday Night. It should be fun for everyone involved, and a Week 1 victory in the NFC North between these two longtime foes is clearly a powerful bargaining chip when it comes to sorting out the records come late-December.

No one expects the Packers to run away with the NFC North, but they could strike a big blow very early with a victory at Soldier Field, a longtime and historic venue that was renovated a handful of years ago to put itself up to speed with modern standards and amenities. All fans interested in securing 2019 NFL Opening Night Tickets have a wide array of options in front of them.