NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 Tickets Available Now

Following a dominating performance in St. Louis in Game 6 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the Boston Bruins head back home to the comfortable confines of TD Garden for a huge, high-stakes Game 7 that will determine the 2019 NHL Champion. Both squads expect to summit the jagged mountain, and an array of affordable Game 7 NHL 2019 Finals Tickets are available to the general public now on a first-come, first served basis.

Stanley Cup Final

For a Stanley Cup Final series to go to seven games is somewhat rare, but it is a special situation when it does. It is during these pivotal games that players are willing to lay out their bodies to create offense and lay their bodies on the line to play defense. The ability to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup is something that only a fraction of professional hockey players have been able to do since it became a thing back in 1893. Champions have had their names etched into the trophy ever since, and each player from the squad who wins the NHL Stanley Finals gets to hang out with the trophy for a few days.

This means everything from letting their dog eat food out of it to letting their children bathe in it, as well as a number of other things from the realm of the unusual. But back to the magic that is going to unfold over the course of at least 60 minutes on Wednesday evening.

Boston Bruins vs St Louis Blues

The Blues took a commanding 3-2 lead after a 2-1 victory in Boston in Game 5. The St. Louis squad harnessed some serious momentum after John Hamm – who many fans of cable television dramas know as Don Draper – appeared on the live telecast at halftime and forecasted that St. Louis would hoist the trophy for the first time ever. The squad took care of business that evening, but Hamm’s prediction of St. Louis wrapping it up in Game 6 fell well short, as Boston prevailed by a score of 5-1. He will certainly be on hand come Wednesday, yet it is uncertain whether or not he will be on the live telecast.

What is certain is that each drop of the puck is going to be very meaningful. A total of 16 teams entered the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2019, and lowly-ranked teams did amazing things. After the Washington Capitals were dispatched of in the first round by a wildcard Carolina Hurricanes squad and the Tampa Bay Lightning experienced the same fate thanks to an even lower -ranked team, the Bruins were quietly making their way through the Eastern Conference tournament. They knocked off the Hurricanes quickly, and the St. Louis Blues dispatched of the San Jose Sharks in the Western Conference Finals. It set the stage for a Cup regular versus a Cup upstart.

After a back-and-fourth first six games of a seven-game series, whoever is able to win this game will truly be deserving of the most coveted trophy in all of Canada. Professional hockey has grown by leaps and bounds throughout North America and the world in recent years, as fans all over have got on board after realizing the incredible things going on on the ice. Now, the chips are in the center of the table.  

Game 7

When it comes to one final game, goalies are often emphasized. The Bruins have the benefit of Tuukka Rask manning the pipes, and he is a true legend in the making. He came into the NHL as a 20-year-old, and he celebrated his 30th birthday during this season. Throughout the course of his career, he has made well over 12,000 saves to the tune of a .921 save percentage and a 2.28 goal per game average.

One statistic worth noting among perhaps many others is that the Las Vegas underdog has won four of the last five games in this highly-unpredictable matchup. The Blues are the underdog in Game 7 according to the experts in the desert out West, which theoretically gives them an 80% chance of winning according to this recent ratio in action. St. Louis has dominated Boston over the last few years in head to head, winning 10 of 14 game during the regular-season and postseason.


The penultimate game in the 2019 NHL Postseason is special for a variety of reasons. This will either be the 19th time that the Bruins win a Stanley Cup, or the first time that the St. Louis Blues accomplish the feat. The action is going to be fast-paced and hard-hitting, and the game likely highly competitive. Anyone interested in securing last-minute NHL Game 7 Tickets that will put them in the center of the action for surprisingly affordable prices can easily do so now with a few simple clicks, taps or swipes.