Not Surprising: Eminem Surprise Album Dominates Charts

The man otherwise known as Marshall Mathers has released his most recent studio album, bringing his total of creative work into double digits. The genius who announced himself as Slim Shady back in 1999 sent shockwaves throughout the rap world with his razor-sharp poetry and lyrical skills, combined with the somewhat surprising (at the time) fact that he is a Caucasian rapper.

His recent release entitled Kamikaze has run like a fearless warrior since it was released just a few days ago, once again sending shockwaves through the rap industry. For folks who may not have brushed up on the legendary rapper recently – as well as fans who follow him on Instagram and Twitter religiously – here are some interesting things to know about the trend-setting artist.

Early Days

The formation of the rapper throughout his youth in Detroit has been well documented in several instances, including the major motion picture entitled 8 Mile. Things weren’t always easy for the Mathers family, and the angst and frustration that he experienced growing up partially fueled his undying desire to become a creative genius. Eminem released his first studio album entitled Infinite back in 1996, hoping to show the world his talents before he formulated a clear outline of how he was going to do so.

But talent always rises to the surface, and he was at the center of the music universe by the turn-of-the-century. Such popularity also comes with a microscope in terms of personal behavior, which Eminem got used to buy the middle of the first decade of the 21st century. Since then, he has cranked out one hit after another, many of which have made their way to the tops of charts and straight into the souls of his millions of followers.

Getting Personal on the Pages

Eminem’s autobiography also came as a surprise to many of his fans, which  was published in October of 2008. It was a candid glimpse inside the international superstar, who was incredibly open about things such as his bouts with depression, the perils of fame, the temptations of drugs, and living the life of a modern-day music superstar. So much of his early music was infused with references and detailed explanations of his mother, who herself released an autobiography just a few weeks later.

The Revival

Eminem is currently in the midst of a worldwide romp entitled The Revival Tour. While there is no pressing need to revive the living superstar whose veins are filled with talented blood, it is a clear proclamation that he is once again establishing himself as a major touring artist.

The hard-hitting, unapologetic rapper has been going full-tilt in front of tens of millions of fans in various locales, which has largely been met with positive response. He kicked off the tour in Indio, California with consecutive weekend headlining performances at the Coachella Music Festival. After a month off, he performed in Massachusetts at the Boston Calling, and did so a week later at the Governors Ball on Randall’s Island. The 45-year-old is still as strong as ever in terms of performing skills, poetic creativity and an ability to sell out just about any venue, anywhere.    

He headlined Bonnaroo with two shows in early June, before heading over the Atlantic Ocean for a series of performances in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Eminem Tour Tickets were incredibly popular throughout this run of nearly 20 live concerts, and it’s not risky to assume that another Eminem Tour is coming soon – likely throughout 2019.