Paul McCartney Presale Code & Password – 2018 Freshen Up Tour

Paul McCartney Presale Password – Freshen Up Tour

It has been confirmed that Paul McCartney is going to tour North America throughout the remainder of the year, and the first handful of tour dates have been announced. The timeless and ageless rocker will begin his 2018 “Freshen Up” Tour with four Canadian shows spanning September 17 through September 30 Paul McCartney Presale Tickets are currently available to fans interested in securing excellent seats for surprisingly low prices.

Freshen Up Tour Schedule

The legend of Paul McCartney dates all the way back to 1960, when a band called the Beatles were
officially formed in Liverpool, England. The four young men had a combination of talents that when
blended together created music that ended up defining a generation thirsty for change. Without being
directly insubordinate or angry, they ended up being the flash point for a generation that moved out of the traditional shadows of their parents and grandparents and into the colorful sunlight of the 1960s and 70s.

After the band disbanded in 1970, the four legendary members went their separate ways creatively.
McCartney went on to establish a solo career, and he has continued to create true magic every time he
goes on tour. There are tens of thousands of overwhelmingly positive reviews of Paul McCartney’s music
and his concerts online, and some go so far as to suggest that it is a truly life-changing experience. The
talent and genuine kindness that McCartney exudes comes through in each of his songs, and he seems
to be at his most comfortable when performing in front of gigantic crowds. Macca Tickets continue to be
among the most popular in all of music, and those who are able to get Paul McCartney Presale
Passwords will be able to purchase them for an even better bargain.

McCartney released his first solo album the same year that the Beatles broke up, and his second solo
album the following year. It was an indication that he was not going to miss a beat literally or figuratively.
Well over a dozen other popular solo albums have followed, giving him an incredible breadth of songs to
choose from when putting together a set list. He is known for playing approximately 25 songs during each show, a sizable total that ensures fans not only get their money’s worth, but create lasting memories.
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At 76 years old, McCartney continues to defy logic and make people believe that he has found Ponce de
León’s fountain of youth. There is absolutely no indication that he is fading off in terms of talent,
dedication or motivation. Conversely, he seems to be truly energized by the connection he is able to
make to his audiences – many of which include fans who have been following him for decades.
The four shows currently announced include a concert on September 17 in Québec City, another show on September 20 in Montréal at the Bell Centre, a performance on September 28 in Winnipeg at Bell MTS Place, and a September 30 concert in Edmonton at Rogers Place. The fact that McCartney has chosen to elease just four tour dates – all in Canada – is a clear indication that he has much love and reverence for the great nation. Find affordable Paul McCartney presale tickets now