ThanksGiving Football 2019

2019 Thanksgiving Football Games

The first Thanksgiving dates back to the early decades of the 1600s. This story is that the Pilgrims arrived and quickly made peace with Native Americans, and the two cultures blended their customs and recipes for a delicious and tasty feast. The first Thanksgiving Day NFL Football games date all the way back to 1920. It is woven into American culture that huge games from the high school to the professional level are staged on the fourth Thursday in November, and all fans interested in purchasing tickets to the three games that will go down this year need look no further. Consider this the epicenter of 2019 Thanksgiving Day NFL Tickets.

Who Is Playing Football On ThanksGiving

All true fans of NFL football know that the Detroit Lions kick off the Thanksgiving feast of football at 12:30 local Eastern Time, which is the earliest that any NFL football game is kicked off throughout the year. It is around this time that millions of families are welcoming friends and family members into their homes. Watching football has long been a common bond during a day that features family and friends who may come from different walks of life and have different opinions about politics, society and life in general.

This is another reason that football on Thanksgiving is awesome, because it provides a common ground for people to relate to one another. Another way to avoid the monotony and possible awkwardness of Thanksgiving at home is to attend a 2019 Thanksgiving Day NFL game.

The Chicago Bears will visit the Detroit Lions in a game that begins in the morning for folks out West. Many people are just beginning to wake up in California, Oregon and Washington by the time that the Bears will square off against the Lions. This is expected to be a very low-scoring game, and the Las Vegas oddsmakers have the total at 39 points. The game is also a pick ‘em, which means that the Las Vegas oddsmakers could not figure out who is going to win. Both teams have an equal chance.

The other longtime custom involves the Dallas Cowboys hosting a Thanksgiving Day game beginning at 3:30 local time in Arlington, Texas. This highly-anticipated matchup that is very important for both squads will unfold inside of AT&T Stadium, otherwise known as “The House that Jerry Jones Built.”

Now open to the public for over a decade, AT&T Stadium continues to be the biggest and most marvelous venue in the NFL. It features the biggest high-definition screen in the world, which stretches from the 30 yard line to the 30 yard line on both sides of the field. But if the Dallas Cowboys cannot beat the Buffalo Bills on Thursday afternoon inside of their comfy confines, it will be a very bad situation that could have possible repercussions. If the Cowboys are victorious after just three days rest following a very tough game in inclement conditions in New England against the Patriots, they could quickly right the ship during what has been an up-and-down season. The NFC East is wide open, and the Cowboys are 4-0 in the division as of now.

The third Thanksgiving Day game was added just over a decade ago, in order to prevent arguments involving politics and other controversial conversations from unfolding in the aftermath of people stuffing themselves with delicious foods and alcohol. Just kidding. But the third NFL Thanksgiving Day game does serve as a wonderful cherry on the top for fans interested in consuming and digesting a full day of football.

The New Orleans Saints will make the very short trip to Atlanta to square off against the Falcons in a game that will begin at 8:20 PM local time. The Falcons have had a rough go this year, but quarterback Matt Ryan is a wily and capable veteran who could possibly qualify for Hall of Fame status if he is able to do some big things in this year and the next few.

ThanksGiving Football Schedule

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is a certain Hall of Fame First-Ballot cinch. The product of Purdue University came into the league as one of the shortest quarterbacks, but his will to win and his skills have catapulted him to big-time success over the years. The Las Vegas oddsmakers expect the Saints to win this game, but crazy things have typically unfolded in the third game of Thanksgiving.

When the NFL professionals who have the very challenging task of putting together schedules for each team work their magic in the off-season, they obviously aim to put together some big games on some big days. Thanksgiving Day is among the biggest during any given NFL season.

The Chicago Bears versus the Detroit Lines isn’t exactly the biggest game, but the two squads squaring off in a divisional game means that there is always implications and bragging rights. Turkey legs are going to be passed out to the MVPs that the announcers, producers and other people behind-the-scenes choose, which is always a fun conclusion to the first game of Turkey Day.

The next two games are legitimate measurements of squads hoping to do big things in the postseason, highlighted by the aforementioned Bills versus Cowboys matchup. An AFC versus NFC battle is entirely unpredictable, because the teams rarely square off, and they have so few common opponents.

Throughout the course of a long and demanding 16-game season, each team can only face 13 different opponents. This is based on the fact that every team plays their other three division rivals twice, and 10 other teams based on a cycle of interdivisional opponents. Long one short, the Buffalo Bills playing the Dallas Cowboys is very rare, and the two teams squaring off for what is essentially a postseason position makes this affair especially special.

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