The Eagles Hotel California 2020 Tour Tickets On Sale Now

The Eagles recently announced a 2020 Tour. It is entitled “Hotel California”, and the living legends of rock ‘n roll are going to be accompanied by an orchestra and a choir during each performance. This is a revolutionary concept, and the long time superstars currently stand on the doorstep of something amazing. Everyone interested in seeing The Eagles in this unique experience during one or more shows on their 2020 Tour should know a wide array of affordable tickets are available to the general public now.

The Beginning

The group was created in Los Angeles in 1971. At the time, very few bands were thriving in what would turn out to be the entertainment epicenter of the United States by the final decades of the 20th century. The Eagles featured Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and a few other major pieces. Around the time Los Angeles was growing from a palm tree-dotted destination in Southern California to the music and entertainment capital, The Eagles were rising to fame. They were selling records as quickly as they could be printed and put on the shelves of brick and mortar record stores throughout the nation, which included the great Tower Records out of Northern California.

The band released a total of six studio albums throughout the 1970s. The first registered as high as #22 on the US Billboard Charts, and as high as #13 on the Canadian Charts. Their second release entitled Desperado featured the 1973 hit Tequila Sunrise, as well as Outlaw Man. After the release of On the Border in 1974 to substantial success in the US and beyond, the group truly struck gold with One of These Nights, which was released on June 10 of 1975. It registered at #1 on the overall US charts, and climbed as high as #2 in Canada, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Although the album cover was somewhat frightening, it was also colorful and a bit of an exploration into the artistic capabilities of the group that was living the high life on the touring circuit by this time. The smash it One of These Nights was played every time they performed an Eagles Live Show, and it was played on the radio in American vehicles comprised of large and long metal that got about seven or eight miles to the gallon. The song Lyin’ Eyes broke ground into the realm of boyfriends and girlfriends looking into the pupils of their significant others in order to determine whether or not they were telling the truth.

The Last 5 Decades

Take it to the Limit is a wonderful and gentle celebration of everything that is great about The Eagles. Whether or not these songs are going to be played during upcoming tour dates is obviously up to the band members and the people behind-the-scenes who put together the set lists. But they would be crazy not to play the majority of their biggest hits, which resonated with their fans who were young in the 1970s and bared witness to the transition from traditional America to modern progressive America.

The 1970s were an incredible time in which sons and daughters were doing everything from respectfully distancing themselves from the traditions of the past to throwing up a peace sign, lighting up a joint and forgetting about everything that the prior generations had put in place. Unfortunately, by the year 1980, The Eagles had split up as a result of creative differences. The story goes that two of the longtime bandmembers hinted about a physical fight during a late-70s performance, which was going to be unsanctioned and supposedly unfold immediately after they got backstage. It did not end up happening, but the animosity that simmered within ended up being a tipping point. The Eagles called an end to the music and the fun in 1980.

Thankfully, cooler minds prevailed in the mid-90s, as the group realized that they needed to embrace and re-establish themselves as one of the true rock legends of the 20th century. A studio album that was released in October 2007 climbed to #1 on the US Billboard Charts, the Canadian charts, the Netherlands charts, the Norwegian charts, the New Zealand charts, and the United Kingdom charts. It was a clear indication that the band has relevance and importance after putting together a magical run in the 1970s.

Hotel California Tour

All fans interested in the 2020 Hotel California Tour featuring an orchestra and choir need look no further for tickets. It will begin in Atlanta at the State Farm Arena for consecutive shows on February 7 and February 8. After a short break, the two-show theme will continue in New York’s Madison Square Garden on February 14 and February 15. The American Airlines Arena in Dallas will host shows on February 29 – which Is Leap Day – and March 1.

The Eagles Tour will remain in the great state of Texas for two shows at the Toyota Center in Houston on March 6 and March 7. It will then jump to the wonderful yet relatively tiny peninsula that is San Francisco for shows on the evenings of April 11 and April 12 at the newly-minted Chase Center in the heart of the hub of Western civilization.

2020 Tickets

Inglewood, California will be the place to be for all Eagles fans when the tour touches down at the historic Forum in Los Angeles for shows on the evenings of April 17 and April 18. As of now, these are scheduled to be the final two tour dates on the run. What the legendary band might add to the schedule or plug into the middle of other shows is anyone’s guess. But everyone reading these words who are truly interested in seeing some of the greats of rock history work their craft at some of the greatest buildings in North America would be wise to secure tickets now. We have a large and surprisingly affordable array of options available to all fans interested in seeing greatness.