Tickets to Jimmy Buffett Show at the DTE Energy Music Theater Available Now

James William Buffett III was born on Christmas Day in 1946, and his musical talents have been one giant gift to his millions of fans throughout the course of his long and illustrious career. Now 72 years old, Buffett continues to march into the future with an ageless and youthful vibe, much like many of his fellow musicians who came to prominence in the 70s and have remained relevant ever since. He continues to perform live shows throughout North America, and the recent announcement that he will perform one gigantic show at the DTE Energy Music Theater in Detroit has fans in the Motor City very excited. All fans interested in purchasing Jimmy Buffett 2019 Detroit Tickets can easily do so now.

From Small Town to Huge Success

Buffett has credits as an actor, businessmen, author and entrepreneur, but he has made his millions largely by way of his songwriting and performing talents. Born in a small Mississippi town, his family moved to Mobile, Alabama soon after. The first instrument he picked up with interest was a trombone, but he was playing guitar and loving doing so by the mid-1960s. A short marriage came and went after he tied the knot in 1969 as a 22-year-old, divorcing just a few years later as a 24-year-old. As is the case for many a creative genius, the misfortune proved to be a spark for his musical career.

Like so many folks born in the South, Jimmy Buffett’s career began by going through the music proving ground known as Nashville, Tennessee. He didn’t stay long, as a friend talked to him and convinced him about his possible profitability in Key West, a tiny island off the southernmost tip of Florida that was beginning to gain serious popularity in the early 70s. Buffett moved to Key West, and initially began performing shows for a meal and a handful of drinks. It was there that he established the island identity that he has worked to perfection over the years. The island identity began to immediately permeate throughout his music. His following productivity in terms of studio albums was nothing short of astonishing between the mid-1970s and 2006.

Son of a Sailor

He has released three studio albums since 2006, a clear sign that he is every bit as interested in creating great music and entertaining Parrotheads as he was the day he entered the entertainment business in his early-20s. His list of tours is absolutely incredible, and he has been among the most active performers in the music business since the turn-of-the-century. The upcoming performance will be part of the Son of a Son of a Sailor Tour, which began back in 2018 and will extend well into this year.  

The tour is an unofficial celebration of a full four decades since his 1978 album entitled Son Of a Sailor helped him become one of the most popular musicians in the business. The album featured the track Cheeseburger in Paradise, which was at the time received in a somewhat jovial and comical way. But it soon became a song that merged American regalia with the idea of a vacation in a wonderful coastal destination. Who could possibly take issue with that pairing. The song will certainly be played during this live performance in Detroit, and all fans interested in securing Jimmy Buffett 2019 Energy Music Theater Tickets can easily do so now.

DTE Energy Music Theatre

The venue located at 7774 Sashabaw Road in Clarkston, Michigan was formerly known as the Pine Knob Music Theater. It has a capacity of over 15,000, and about 53% of this overall number includes fans seated on the lawn. The amphitheater was constructed in the first half of 1972 before being opened to the public in late-June of the same year. The band Chicago has made the most performances at the amphitheater as of press time, with 70. Bob Seger is currently touring for what is reported to be the final time, and he has played nearly 30 concerts at the venue, including an impressive run of eight shows in 1977.

Music amphitheaters are somewhat exclusive in the sense that the local public typically doesn’t have a slow yet steady lust for a bigger and better venue. Amphitheaters by nature are simple in construction and short on concrete and metal beams. In an era where major indoor stadiums sometimes become obsolete and a relevant within 20 years, amphitheaters such as this one can live on and continue to host huge events that thousands of fans can enjoy on any given night. For anyone reading these words who has not yet opted to embark on a search for the Jimmy Buffett 2019 Detroit Tickets, now is the time, and here is the place. Happy Hunting.