Trans-Siberian Orchestra Makes Winter Dates Official, Tickets On Sale Now

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a one-of-a-kind ensemble currently getting ready for their recently-announced run through North America that will span November through the final days of December. Their standard holiday romp will at times feature two shows on the same day in different venues. This has become a unique and signature trait of the group that has aimed to stretch the limits of live performances as far as possible since they sprang onto the music scene with a bang back in 1996. All fans of the group should know that Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets are currently available to all fans on a first-come, first-served basis.

Mixing Genres

The ensemble is officially categorized as a “rock band,” which is a bit of a pigeonhole. Symphonic Metal, Neoclassical Metal and Christmas Music are three other realms that the difficult-to-classify group has found themselves in. Music categories were largely the making of brick-and-mortar record stores, which dominated the music sales scene and needed to narrow every group down to one title in order to place their albums where customers could find them. Since the arrival of the Internet and the digital age, categories have been less necessary. TSO has magically spanned both eras, having officially stamped their name into modern fame in the final years of the 20th century, and thriving in the modern era.

The group is the product of the musically genius mind of Paul O’Neil, who had the chutzpa to march into the headquarters of a major record label with the idea of doing something never done before. The result was a blank-check type of situation from Atlantic Records, who were open to the idea of a new breed of band. The idea soon turned from a semi-risky endeavor to a concept that garnered the attention and praise of millions of fans of both rock and classical music.

At their core, the gigantic band that fills even the largest stages aim to put on performances that titillate the senses. The set designers, costumers, engineers, choreographers and others behind the scenes have to work in perfect unison while utilizing expert timing in order to bring these huge-scale shows to life properly. Pyrotechnics and an array of colorful lighting are also signatures of TSO, who has made a regular thing out of touring North America in the final months of each calendar year.

In prior years, stage superstar Bryan Hicks performed the opening monologue for TSO’s Christmas Eve and Other Stories. As the gentle piano music ushers the beautiful lyrics along, it sets the stage for a show that is regarded as one of the single greatest holiday-based performances ever.

Christmas Eve & Other Stories

The cover of the album of Christmas Eve and Other Stories blends the gentle and innocent nature of a child anticipating their most favorite holiday with the colorful and long recognized shades and elements of Christmas. A tree in a snowy field is dusted in snowfall and adorned in red, blue and yellow lights, creating a sense of wonder and imagination about what is going to unfold once the record/CD is played. It was initially released on October 15 of 1996 by Soundtrack Studios and Studio 900 in New York City.  

In most instances, the entirety of the album that features between 17 and 19 songs is played, taking fans on a ride through some of the most magical elements of the season, from the Nutcracker to hanging ornaments on the tree to waking up on Christmas Day full of anticipation. For fans of the band, getting TSO 2019 tickets is reminiscent of a Christmas present – but fans are going to have to move much faster than waiting until the final days of the tour in order to secure their spots.

Run Through North America

The tour begins on the same date in both Green Bay, Wisconsin and Council Bluffs, Iowa on November 13. From there, it stays busy, as one half of the touring group will stay on the left half of America, and the other will make its way up and down the East Coast. This includes November 20 shows in both Raleigh, North Carolina and Salt Lake City at the Vivint Smart Home Arena. Two shows will actually go down in on that date in Salt Lake City, which is something that happens several times throughout this tour. When it does, there is typically a mid-afternoon show that starts around 3pm local time, and an evening performance that starts around 730 or eight local time, in order to give all fans of all ages the best opportunity to see this amazing performance.

On November 29, the tour will play at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio and the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento – both with two performances during that day at each location. Many fans say that December is absolutely the best month to see TSO live, and many are already securing their tickets for Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets for shows in the first week of the month in Nashville, El Paso, Lubbock, Greenville and Wichita.

Tickets & Seating

The middle of December is highlighted by performances up-and-down the East Coast, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Tampa, Florida. As the days near toward Christmas, TSO 2019 Tickets will become increasingly coveted. Huge shows will include performances at American Airlines Center in Dallas on the 21st, the Toyota Center in Houston on the following evening, and the AT&T Center in San Antonio the night after that. The tour is currently scheduled to conclude with post-holiday concerts in St. Louis, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Detroit and St. Paul, before for grand finales on the same day in Toronto at the Scotiabank Arena and Chicago at the Allstate Arena on December 30.