UFC to Stage Inaugural Kansas Event on ESPN+ on March 9 – Tickets Available Now

Following the conclusion of a crazy UFC 232 that was transplanted from Las Vegas, Nevada to Los Angeles, California at the last minute, the UFC sporting franchise is on the cusp of a huge change. UFC 232 was the last event affiliated with the Fox Network, and all UFC events moving forward that are not part of the sporting networks own property or pay-per-view will occur on ESPN+. A highly-anticipated event scheduled for March 9 in Wichita, Kansas will be one of the first, and an array of tickets to UFC ESPN+ 4 are available to the general public now.

Airing on ESPN

“Fox has been amazing to us. ESPN is working behind-the-scenes on some really amazing things.” UFC President Dana White recently assured the tens of millions of passionate fans that business is not going to only continue as usual, but actually be catapulted to a whole new level. The most popular mixed martial arts franchise in the universe recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Hundreds if not thousands of fighters have gone through the UFC throughout the course of this timespan, laying it all on the line inside of the Octagon and collecting well-deserved paychecks.

This event will be the first UFC ever staged in the state of Kansas, a geographic center point of the gigantic nation full of approximately 400,000,000 people. The state of Kansas is deeply-rooted in American history, but it is shallow in terms of its population. For a UFC event of this size staged by ESPN to touch down in Wichita is truly historic. Creating history is clearly something that has become a target since the merger of the two acronyms recognized by sports fans around the globe.

UFC 232

UFC 232 was a unique event originally slated for T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, but moved to The Forum in Inglewood, California at the last minute following a test featuring tiny traces of substances forbidden among athletes in the state of Nevada. On Saturday, December 29, an impressive undercard and Main Card unfolded leading up to Amanda Nunes destroying Cris Cyborg by punches within 60 seconds.

Nunes came in as a sizable Vegas underdog, and many of her fans left in Las Vegas after the fight was moved cashed in big-time. The result rocked the UFC world just a handful of minutes before two light heavyweight titans made their way into the Octagon. In hindsight, had the Jones vs Gustafsson fight needed to be canceled or rescheduled, the Nuñes vs Cyborg fight had the excitement to carry a pay-per-view event.

As for the main event, Jones took care of business, KO’ing Alexander Gustafsson early in the third round and sending waves of doubt and second-guessing throughout social media. Half of UFC fans lamented the fact that Jones was allowed to compete, and the other half pointed out the fact that Gustafsson has been taking gigantic spaces between competing at the highest level, despite the fact that he had incurred no suspensions.  

UFC Tickets

Who exactly is going to fill up the undercard and Main Card at the aforementioned UFC event in Wichita, Kansas at the Intrust Bank Arena has yet to be determined. But the news will become available piece by piece leading up to the event at the venue opened to the public in the first days of 2010. Few people involved in the creation and erection of this fine establishment could have imagined that it would be hosting a UFC ESPN event within 10 years of its existence – but that is exactly what is going to go down soon. All fans can find UFC on ESPN+ 4 Wichita Tickets now.