Warriors vs Rockets, Raptors vs 76ers and Blazers vs Nuggets Game 7

All basketball fans love a Game 7. There are going to be as many as three of them in the next few days, as the Western Conference semifinals heat to a boil, and the Philadelphia 76ers versus Toronto Raptors series nears its final showdown following an impressive win by Philadelphia in Game 6. There is no feeling quite like being in the middle of the action when high-stakes NBA Playoff games go down, and there is a multitude of opportunities for fans in Northern California, Colorado and the greater Toronto area to purchase last-minute Game 7 Tickets now.

Raptors vs 76ers

No one knew exactly what the Toronto Raptors were going to be capable of heading into the 2018-19 season. Kawai Leonard has used all of his talents to propel the team into an excellent spot to do big things, and his array of supporting teammates have handled the rest. The Raptors have a nice mix of guys who can also put the ball in through the rim and guys who prevent opponents from doing so on the other end. By the numbers, the Raptors are the best defensive team in the East. Defense in the NBA Playoffs has proven to be extremely important, especially during incredibly high-stakes, crunch time situations when half-court offense is emphasized.

The Philadelphia 76ers are ready to break through into the true realm of NBA greatness. They have a handful of young players who are teetering on the edge of their prime, and a visit to the Eastern Conference Finals would put the young team one step away from representing the conference in the NBA Finals. Not since the days of Dr. Julius Irving have the 76ers had a legitimate run of in which they contended for the championship regularly. Allen Iverson propelled the squad all the way to the NBA Finals in the early years of the 21st century, and they managed to beat the Los Angeles Lakers one time during a season in which LA had a historic run to the playoffs.  

Warriors vs Rockets

Then, there is the Western Conference. After the calf strain heard around the world suffered by Kevin Durant in the third quarter of Game 5 between the Warriors and the Rockets, the scope of the series changed. Now, one of the most talented athletes in the league will have to sit out the rest of this series, and perhaps most of the next if the Warriors are able to advance.

Many experts are picking the Rockets to advance, because Golden State will have to go back to the drawing board in light of the injury to their star player. But the roster in place has won a championship prior to the arrival of KD, which means that they are still the favorite to advance, according to the experts in Las Vegas.

The Portland Trailblazers are perhaps the most guard-heavy squad in the NBA following a catastrophic injury to their big man back in March. They have rallied around the setback, and their 4-1 dismissal of the Oklahoma City Thunder was a clear indication that they are in the 2019 NBA Postseason to win it. They only need to win one more game in order to advance to the Western Conference Finals, and the Game 7 will take place in Denver on the evening of Saturday, March 11. All fans interested in securing last-minute tickets to this Blazers vs Nuggets game can easily do so now.

Blazers vs Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets were stretched to a full seven games in the first round against the San Antonio Spurs. San Antonio came into the NBA playoffs ranked #7 – their lowest ranking in their long and outstanding run of postseason appearances that dates back to the early days of the modern century.

The Nuggets were able to prevail over the squad coached by Gregg Popovich, who is already regarded as one of the greatest coaches of all time in a league that has featured several wonderful leaders. Denver has Coach Mike Malone at the helm, and he is clearly getting the most out of his squad. Dismissed by the Sacramento Kings unceremoniously a handful of years ago, Malone has landed in the middle of the US and has began to build a franchise that can compete with the best up and down both coasts.

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