Altria Theater - Richmond

6 N Laurel St Richmond, VA 23226
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Altria Theater - Richmond Location
6 N Laurel St
Richmond, VA 23226
Altria Theater - Richmond Information

Altria Theater in Richmond is an amazing venue highlighted by wonderful architecture. Its exterior makes it look like a structure that could also be a royal palace in a faraway land. Utilizing traditional Moorish themes blended with American skyscraper angles and windows, the theater located at 6 North Laurel Street is among the most popular and well-known destinations in all of The South.

The Opera House that can seat exactly 3,565 is owned by the City of Richmond. It opened in late-October 1927, during a time in which entertainment venues built to last were springing up all over the Eastern half of North America. But few dared to dream as big in terms of architecture, scope and foreign artistic influence. It is no stretch to say that Altria Theater has one of the most impressive and beautiful façades of any entertainment building in all of the United States.

Any theater that has been in operation for 90+ years obviously has a lot of stories to tell. If the walls could talk, they would speak of amazing and socially important performances by the likes of Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix in the 1960s and 1970s.

It has also doubles as a Broadway venue, hosting The Lion King, the popular classic Les Miserables and Wicked, a more recently-created work of musical theater that is a wonderful creative spinoff of The Wizard of Oz.  

Richmond benefits from a sensible freeway and highway arrangement that essentially circles the center of the metropolis twice. This makes the theater totally accessible, especially for fans in Washington DC, which is located just 60 miles to the direct north. Now's the perfect time for everyone reading these words to continue onward to check out our large inventory of affordable Altria Theater, Richmond tickets.