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221 Walnut Street Des Moines, IA 50309
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Des Moines Civic Center Location
221 Walnut Street
Des Moines, IA 50309
Des Moines Civic Center Information

The Des Moines Civic Center has been an epicenter of live entertainment in the major metropolis in Iowa coming up on 40 years. It was opened in mid-June 1979 thanks to the distinct creative talents of architect Charles Hebert & Associates. It is owned and operated by Des Moines Performing Arts, and it has become a favorite of Broadway shows looking to pop up in recognizable Midwestern hotspots of entertainment.

Broadway itself is obviously situated in Manhattan within New York City. But it has stretched its wings out as glorious and highly-recognizable shows have been staged in full-color at an array of worthy venues throughout North America. Des Moines Civic Center continues to welcome the greats, and the center made a name for itself back in 1997 by staging a large run of The Phantom of the Opera performances.

The show that is arguably the greatest live theater Opera of all time garnered great reviews, and it led to other big-time Broadway shows taking to the stage in Des Moines in the upcoming months and years. A record was set back in the 2012-13 season when nearly 135,000 tickets were sold to live shows.

The theater looks like a type of fort or apocalypse hideaway from the outside, although it has shades of notable artistry. The interior is incredibly rare as theaters go. There is only one level of seating, and it slopes very gently upwardly over the course of several dozen rows that fan out and arch in order to give fans the most direct few of the action for all in attendance.

The colors of the rows of seats may remind some of the building blocks in a kindergarten classroom, but they are filled to capacity during each of the major shows that unfold 12 months out of every calendar year. Now is the perfect time to secure surprisingly cheap Des Moines Civic Center tickets.