Hippodrome Theatre At The France-Merrick PAC

12 N. Eutaw Street Baltimore, MD 21201
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Hippodrome Theatre At The France-Merrick PAC Location
12 N. Eutaw Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Hippodrome Theatre At The France-Merrick PAC Information

The legendary Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore, Maryland has a bit of everything for theater fans. For those who love to hearken back to the forlorn era of Broadway, it has an interior that whisks visitors quickly back to an era in which Model T Fords would pull up out front along N. Eutaw Street, parking and dropping off patrons to see shows featuring the most talented traveling performers and the upper crust of Baltimore society.

For folks more interested in a good time than relics, a variety of modern approaches to doing business will provide comfort. The elder generation and younger generations all take to the comfortable, yet slightly architecturally archaic confines one hundred or so times a year for live performances of all kinds.

The building is just a handful of steps away from N. Eutaw Street, and it rises boldly above the thoroughfare, gently highlighted by an easy to spot horizontal nameplate illuminated by several hundred bulbs. The entryway is guarded by a gently-sloping roof that funnels fans through three separate archways and into the truly amazing structure completed and opened to the public all the way back in 1914.

It was rebuilt in 2004, bringing its seating capacity to exactly 2,300. The wonderful interior was preserved, and a sizable ceiling circle adorned with a golden finish creates an aura of magic and reverence for the many floor level seats directly underneath it. Those in the upper deck will experience an amazing visual spectacle, as they will be able to take in the full effect of the gorgeous and sloping architecture, as well as the action unfolding on stage. For everyone interested in purchasing a ticket to a venue that hosts some of the greatest entertainment that Baltimore has to offer, an array of cheap ticket options are only a few clicks, taps or swipes away.