Phoenix Concert Theatre

410 Sherbourne Street Toronto, ON M4X 1K2
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Phoenix Concert Theatre Location
410 Sherbourne Street
Toronto, ON M4X 1K2
Phoenix Concert Theatre Information

Behold Phoenix Concert Theater, a quaint yet amazing venue located at 410 Sherbourne Street in Toronto, Ontario. A quick view of the exterior reveals that the people involved in this largely alternative rock nightclub have not only a flair for style, but a unique sense of color. One singular pink column jets upwardly like a gigantic tube of lipstick, separating the short stairwell and guiding folks to the right and into the entryway of the venue that holds nearly 1,400.  


The primary area that patrons gather on during live shows is one of the city of Toronto's single largest dance floors. In order to pull this off correctly and give everyone in attendance a truly memorable experience, the sound has been dialed in perfectly in recent years. A sizable stage is complemented by a gigantic projection screen. Ticketholders can dance the night away as millions of light reflections bounce off of reflective things thanks to one of the single biggest disco balls in all of Canada.


Phoenix is the name of a major southwestern city in the United States, but it is also the name of an angelic bird that rose from the ashes. The origin of the name pertaining to the venue with three separate rooms and a handful of active bars and bartenders is not exactly clear, but it is crystal clear that all sorts of fun can be had within.


A standing-room-only environment is always full of energy, no matter who takes the stage. A quick look at the upcoming schedule of performers will help everyone become better acquainted with the immediate and distant future of events at Phoenix Concert Theater. An array of affordable tickets are just a few clicks, taps or swipes away.