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18 West Monroe Street Chicago, IL 60603
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Located in downtown Chicago, The PrivateBank Theatre is operated by Broadway In Chicago and part of the Nederlander Organization. The theatre opened to the public in 1906 as the Majestic Theatre and was a vaudeville theater that hosted many headliners including harry Houdini and Fanny Brice. After closing its doors during the Great Depression, the theater was purchased and remodeled in 1945 before reopening as the Sam Shubert Theatre. Since then, it has been bought out and renamed three other times before being named The PrivateBank Theatre. The PrivateBank Theatre was the first theater built in Chicago after the Iroquois Theatre fire in 1903. The theatre was restored between 2005 and 2006 where paint chips were analyzed and the theater was repainted in the original color scheme. The lobby floor remains to use the original mosaic flooring that was installed in the original construction of the theatre. During this restoration period, the theatre finally had elevators installed that were available to the public. The contractors also found a hidden archway in the lobby concession that was covered up and forgotten in a previous remodel. The PrivateBank Theatre has held numerous Broadway shows including the premiere of High School Musical in 2007, Cyndi Lauper’s Kinky Boots in 2012 and The Book of Mormon in December of 2012 & now Hamilton in Chicago, Il.

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CIBC Theatre Location
18 West Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60603
CIBC Theatre Information

PrivateBank Theater has been known by several names in the past since it opened to the public at 18 W. Monroe Street in Chicago all the way back in 1906. It was renovated in 2005 – 2006, bringing it up to speed with modern Broadway venues while completely preserving the relics and aura of the early-1900s.


Vaudeville acts were touring the nation as early as the late 1890s, and many of them came through this venue in its initial years. Before the days of one gigantic performance being staged at a venue each given evening, there were a dozen or so 30-minute shows that took place between early-afternoon and late into the evening.


Chicago was growing by leaps and bounds at the time, and statistical figures have shown that it grew in scope and population astronomically between 1850 and 1950. The aforementioned restoration over a decade ago served to re-polish every aspect of the interior and exterior.


The auditorium is among the greatest in all of live theater. It has all of the signatures of the greatest opera, theater and music houses of the early-20th-century. Elevators were installed during the renovation, creating a more comfortable and convenient theater experience for folks who may not be able to climb stairs.


Private Bank Theater is situated just a few steps from the lapping waters of Lake Michigan. Chicago is a city that has absolutely exploded in all senses of the concept since it was initially Incorporated in 1837. It grew by leaps and bounds between the final years of the 1800s and 1950. Today, The Windy City is the home of the defending champion Chicago Cubs, and an abundance of incredible live entertainment. Private Bank Theater tickets are but a few clicks or taps away.